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Soil Diagnosis and Monitoring

  • Diagnosis of chemical soil quality;
  • Monitoring of soil quality;
  • Investigation of soil contamination.

Services done

Environmental Impact Monitoring Program related to erosion and soil loss.

Client: C-Port Brasil Erosion

Prevention and Control Program.

Client: Carta Fabril

Monitoring Program for the Implementation Phase of Itaoca Terminal Marítimo, located in the municipality of Itapemirim / ES.

Client: terminal marítimo de itaoca

Level Monitoring Program.

Client: C-Port Brasil

Soil characterization.

Client: Chouest

Geological and geomorphological charts and pedological map.

Client: Carta Fabril

Environmental Diagnosis of the chemical quality of soils and groundwater.

Client: Carta Fabril

Environmental Noise Monitoring .

Client: Statkraft

Contamination Confirmatory investigation (soil, surface water and groundwater).

Client: ArcelorMittal