Prontido e emergncia

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Readiness and Emergency

  • Preparation of Action Plan and Procedures for the treatment of oil spill accidents;
  • Management, supervision and execution of field actions operation;
  • Fauna capture and transport, rehabilitation program for affected animals until release and monitoring;
  • Shoreline Clean Up Assessment Techniques (SCAT) - 24 hour support;
  • Recruitment, training and supervision of teams (in company and offshore);
  • Technical advice on emergency response (meetings with regulatory agencies, public hearings, organization and participation in events).

Services done

Environmental monitoring in response to environmental emergency in Cabo Frio / RJ region.

Client: Petrobras

Veterinary Assistance Services for Oiled or Potentially Oiled Fauna, Duque de Caxias / RJ.

Client: Transpetro

Wildlife protection action plan in oil spill accident scenarios.

Client: Technip

Participation of the Oil Spill Simulation in the Flechas Channel, Quissamã / RJ.

Client: Petrobras

Response to OffShore Fauna.

Client: Perenco

Provision of PPAF Services.

Client: Rio Petr